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Ganzekraal, West Coast, Western Cape

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    Ganzekraal Campsite and Holiday Cottages
    Ganzekraal Campsite and Holiday Cottages
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    Ganzekraal campsite and cottages
    Ganzekraal campsite and cottages
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    The main campsite
    The main campsite
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    Towards the main campsite
    Towards the main campsite
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    The main campsite
    The main campsite
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    Caravan site with plug points
    Caravan site with plug points
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    Some of the cottages
    Some of the cottages
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    Some more cottage options
    Some more cottage options
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    Camp A campsite
    Camp A campsite

Place: Ganzekraal, West Coast, Western Cape
Closest Town: Melkbosstrand (31km), Yzerfontein (35km)
Facilities: Cottages, Organised caravan- and campsites with and without power, standard ablutions, conference facilities, lapa for functions, security
Activities: Fishing, swimming, wild flower viewing in Spring
Water: Situated right on the Atlantic ocean
Surroundings: West Coast fynbos and the active Atlantic ocean
Distance from CT: 57.2km
Privacy: Designated campsites, but little (only a tiny fence) separating you from your immediate neighbour.
Highlight: There is something quite unique about a campsite right next to the sea
Cost: For the latest tariffs, click here.
Contact: +27 (0)22 492 2752/2265/2266, email: (They are notoriously bad at answering calls, so don’t be surprised if you cannot get through)
GPS Coordinates: -33.524224,18.318963

To view Ganzekraal on a larger map, click here:

I was lucky enough to be taken on a flight up the West Coast recently and spotted this nicely positioned campsite from the air, so headed there to suss it out. Here’s what I think:

It is brilliantly positioned – very close to Cape Town and right on the ocean. There are plenty of cottages and campsites, all of which are situated in close proximity to the sea with incredible views over the bay, rocks and ocean. The complex also seems to be well-equipped with a tidal pool for safe swimming; a fairly decent sized conference facility; communal lapa area, etc.

However, this is where it starts to lose its appeal. The complex is big and I could think of nothing worse than having my quiet camping escape coincide with someone’s wedding or family reunion.

I also have a slight aversion to municipal campsites – they tend to attract large numbers of people and have this over-used, drained and worn out feel about them.

And finally, to top it off, I’m admittedly not a massive fan of the West Coast in summer, so really only see myself truly appreciating what this spot has to offer out of wedding and wind season – perhaps spontaneously on a non-rainy weekend just as the spring flowers begin to bloom…

32 Responses to Ganzekraal, West Coast, Western Cape

  1. rosemarie says:

    I am this weekend ending off my hols with a weekend at Ganzekraal. Started at Ou Skip Melkbos, then moved on to Oostewal in Langebaan…en route home touched on at Ganzekraal. This is my first visit to the resort and agree with above writer….a beautiful place looks serene ….till it fills up for a weekend. If rules are adhered to it will make it pleasant for all….music is blaring from all angles. However, I will try it again.

    • Dissapointed Dave says:

      This was my first and last time at Ganzekraal this past weekend. PLEASE NOTE ALL CARAVAN And CAMPERS, If you love nature, the ocean, need a break from work, if you have children,looking for a relax time, then this is NOT the place to be. Absolute bizarre. This is such a lovely place, so beautiful,its a BIG petty there is no control over the weekend makers noise and actions. My family and I feel threatened all the time. Best part was when we packed up on Sunday, campers not far from pulled out an air riffle and start target practice at the seagulls and beer cans. My daughter is 8 and my son is 5,playing not far from there, was not left with any good memories.Hopefully this will move management apply more sticker rules for dedicated campers.

      • jayneholness says:

        Thank you for this very helpful feedback! This was also our concern about this campsite – beautiful setting, but it tends to attract large, rowdy crowds that do not go away for quiet, restorative weekends.

      • Annie Pienaar says:

        Wow thank for the useful information Dave, I was just looking for camp site near Langebaan and thought this will be quiet and tranquil as u said (that’s what this area is suppose to be) and how it was 10 to 15 years ago!! nevertheless….

        I hope the Western Cape Government will catch a wake-up call and do something to our camping facilities!!

  2. Porche says:

    Very nice camping site absolutely devine

  3. Alex says:

    I had been looking for campsites near to home for easy weekend breaks without having to travel too far and have now stayed twice at Ganzekraal. Absolutley love it. The view’s and setting are unique.

    However the ablutions are a bit old and basic but they do have cleanup staff on duty on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. I would avoid going there over very busy periods and also in early summer when the South East wind could make it unpleasant.

    Loud music could also be a problem and on our last visit one party was playing very loud music with a heavy bass that revererated around the whole campsite. However when I approached them and requested they turn the music off, they apologised and then silence ensued.

  4. Errol says:

    Ganzekraal has been my camping destination for the past 20 years. Yes I agree if rules are adhere to then it would be pleasant for all but this is only a foolish dream. Ganzekraal is a Municipal resort therefore it is very basic and should never be compared for example to a ATKV. Loud music is a common problem all over but I have always and I still solve this problem by persistently harassing management about it as they are the people who makes the rules.

  5. charmaine says:

    Can you tell me if dogs are allowed?

  6. Aldine van Schalkwyk says:

    i would like to know how all four number that is on the web page for ganzekraal can be angaged

    • jayneholness says:

      Apparently, they are incredibly difficult to get hold of and have a reputation for not answering phones. I cannot suggest anything, but to keep trying.

    • DissapointedByron says:

      OMW. Getting hold of them is virtually impossible. I have been trying for the last month. NO LUCK!!

    • annalita says:

      i’ve been trying for 2 days to get through to their telephone number and no one answers the phone. its very frustrating and unprofessional

  7. floreen ekermans says:

    Ons was die naweek deel van karavaan klub en was by ganzekraal wat n wonderlike kamp die uitsig kan nie beter nie. Ablusies nie modern maar baie skoon as jy vroeg oggend of laat aand stort kry jy warm water. Moet se harde musiek van ander kampers is gehoor gelukkig was dit by ander deel van kamp en nie gepla nie. Glo die klub sal weer daarheen gaan.

  8. Michelle says:

    Reception is really pathetic. Tried calling 6 times and no answer. Won’t ever be using your service ever. If your reception is this bad how bad will the site be. No thank you.

  9. Vallerie Theunissen says:

    Why do you have an email address that does not work

  10. mrs p daniels says:

    I’ve tried to contac you for the last 2weeks and can’t get hold of you I need to enquire for easter weekend a tent site please

  11. Crystal Jumat says:

    Hi, trying to get hold of someone and to no avail….. phone always ringing , no answer.Made a booking and can’t confirm deposit.. not a good start. try all numbers

  12. Amandia W Williams says:

    Hi there! there cable lines was stolen, that’s why u could not get them. I called the municipal,they gave me a direct line to them!No- municipal- 022-4338400.

  13. amina says:

    very difficult to get through, so much want to try it out as we have never been there yet.

  14. Katryn says:

    Hi just want to know if anyone else find the people working at ganzekraal to be pro coloured and if youre white you can never get to book a chalet. We tried a couple of times, when we phone the lady says its booked 6 months in advance. If i ask can we book after that she says they dont book more than six months in advance and she cant take my name to let me know when a chalet will be available. When we go there to camp we allways see the chalets occupied by brown families only. How do they get to book???

    • nigel says:

      If you had to be standing next to me, I would have you arrested for referring to people as brown. Perhaps you are an arrogant boer/ whitey who would not be welcome at the site

      • jayneholness says:

        Love Camping does not tolerate racism in any form, however, it is clear that your comment is unfounded. Nobody has made any racist remarks on this blog or comment forum relating to anybody witnessed or encountered at the Ganzekraal campsite. While comments have been largely negative about the campSITE, they have specifically referred to the administration thereof, the noise levels in general experienced by ALL campers and an experience of theft. Not once has anyone of a particular race been blamed for any of these unfortunate occurrences or the management of this campsite. Please keep race related battles for appropriate forums, not one that discusses people’s experiences of campsites.

  15. Frank Chambers says:

    im trying too call for a booking why dont someone man the phne lines

  16. Lisa says:

    My family and I went over the April Holidays and was really disappointment. The toilet was in such a state I went down to the admin office to complain, but was given a small amount of detergents to clean it myself. I didn’t want to make a scene because my girls was with me. nevertheless I cleaned it and was then shocked out of my skin when that same evening the neighbor’s blasted their music so loud no one could sleep. We tried phoning to the office at admission, but there was no answer. We stay in Bonteheuwel which is in the heart of the cape flats, but never have we seen at a camping facility such rude and disgusting behavior. Yes the area and surrounding is beautiful, but as soon as evening strikes the rude, gutter, colored behavior surfaces from this people.

  17. Ewald Fendler says:

    We stayed at Ganzekraal the past weekend, will not again. Friday night other campers had amps and even disco lights till after 12 midnight. Saturday night they robbed ALL the campsites,Bicycles, prams, fishing rods, food, liquor, diesel. What they did not steel was left in a mess.

    The best part is they searched the campers leaving for their own stuff.

  18. Louis Conradie says:

    Baie dankie vir al hierdie kommentaar! Ek het dit oorweeg om by Ganzekraal te gaan kamp, maar daar is nou geen kans dat ek ooit soontoe sal gaan nie. Ek soek rustigheid, stilte en `n mooi omgewing, maar dit is blykbaar nie te vinde by Ganzekraal nie.

  19. vanessa says:

    Hi there. I need to fax a proof of payment to the admin office 022492 2455, can anyone pls advise on the fax number.. as ive been trying all day. to no avail.

  20. Wilna Nothnagel Meyer says:

    Goeie more. Ek wil graag weet ek het n 14 jarige worshondjie en wil graag by julle in n tent kom kamp. Ek wil graag weet of dit moontlik is dat ek hom mag saambring.
    Byvoorbaat dank
    Wilna Meyer

    • jayneholness says:

      Unfortunately, we are an independent site, so you would need to contact Ganzekraal to find out this information. Jy moet graag weet dat dit is nie maklik om hulle te kontak nie. Almal sê die selfde – hulle beantwoord hulle telefone nie. Jammer dat ons niie meer hulp kon wees nie.

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