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Leentjiesklip Caravan Park, Langebaan, Western Cape

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    Leentjiesklip Caravan Park
    Leentjiesklip Caravan Park
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    Typical campsites overlooking the Langebaan lagoon
    Typical campsites overlooking the Langebaan lagoon
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    Typical campsites overlooking the Langebaan lagoon
    Typical campsites overlooking the Langebaan lagoon
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    Campsites with individual facilities
    Campsites with individual facilities
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    Main ablution block
    Main ablution block
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    Campsites with individual facilities
    Campsites with individual facilities
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    Campsites with individual facilities
    Campsites with individual facilities
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    Kids' play area
    Kids' play area

Place: Leentjiesklip Caravan Park, Langebaan, West Coast, Western Cape
Closest Town: Langebaan (1.5km)
Facilities: 147 campsites, good security, 2 standard ablutions, sites with private ablutions, direct access to the beach, playground for kids
Activities: Fishing, swimming, wild flower viewing in Spring, Strandloper beach restaurant, wind surfing, kite surfing
Water: Situated right on the Langebaan Lagoon
Surroundings: Langebaan town, Langebaan lagoon, close proximity to West Coast National Park
Distance from CT: 117km
Privacy: The campsite seems to be divided into areas, but within those, sites are fairly open and in close proximity to neighbours.
Highlight: From experience, I’d say sunsets over the Langebaan lagoon
Cost: Click here for current rates
Contact: +27 (0)22 772 2461
GPS Coordinates: -33.068096,18.041241

To view Leentjiesklip Caravan Park on a larger map, click here.

I’ll be straight upfront, I didn’t stay here and nor would I stay here. The main reason for this is that I lived in Langebaan for a few years and still have the advantage of having a house there to visit. Regardless, if I didn’t have access to a house, I still wouldn’t camp at Leentjiesklip.

This is why:

  1. I know how windy Langebaan can get. Considering the campsite is situated right on the lagoon and the sites are fairly exposed, I can imagine that most typical afternoons and evenings in the height of summer will be slightly compromised by a full blown south-easter. And unless you’re an avid kite- or windsurfer, I can vouch that the West Coast south-easters are no way to relax and enjoy your summer weekend or holiday.
  2. I have this strange aversion to municipal campsites. They feel lost and like they attract missing people or people who go missing. They’re closed off and the essence of being in nature is compromised by big boom gates, patrolling security guards and high fences.
  3. It has a trailer park feel. I find the array of permanent, privately owned prefab style cottages quite unappealing and considering how many of them there are, including the size of the caravan park in general, I’m certain that Leentjiesklip is just too busy over peak holiday periods and long weekends to really enjoy.

However, I have to admit,  I’m a camping snob and have to recognise that many people will gladly forfeit a bit of privacy and rustic ambience for a resort-style camping destination where the kids can roam free; the convenience of being close to a town; the exceptional views across the lagoon; and the added ease of access to an arguably impressive and very swimmable beach.

24 Responses to Leentjiesklip Caravan Park, Langebaan, Western Cape

  1. Blackie Swart says:

    From this report about Leentjiesklip, it is quite obvious that the writer does not belong to the camping fraternity at all. Just makes me wonder why he/she bothered to write this report at all.

    We have been camping at Leentjiesklip at least 4 times already and will soon be going back there again.

    Yes, I admit that the south-easter is something to consider however, you need to select the time of the year for Leentjiesklip carefully. Any time from mid-February onwards to end March / beginning April is absolutely fantastic weather!

    Secondly, you choose your campsite taking the wind in consideration. That is why we always try to get stand C10 which is quite protected against the south-easter and has its own private ablution. There are however many other campsites closer to the seafront which are also fairly protected against the wind.

    Thirdly, most municipal caravan parks are running a smooth operation and I am baffled as to what the writer has against having a controlled entrance as well as security guards etc as this provides the extra comfort of security and ensuring one can relax and enjoy your camping without having to lock everything away when you go down to the beach.

    So, I am still baffled as to why posting such a negative report on a website which is called “Love Camping”.

    • jayneholness says:

      Blackie, thanks for the information on what you like about Leentjiesklip and for a differing opinion – what makes it a special spot for you to visit. I appreciate honesty and value opinions. On that note, my reviews are personal accounts of the places I visit and are by no means representative of the entire camping fraternity – that would be impossible and considering that different people love so many varied aspects of camping and types, locations of campsites, I could not claim to represent everyone’s opinion.

    • Jolene Schneigansz says:

      Hi Blacky, wonder of dit ons ou kamp maatjie is. Ons kamp elke jaar by Leentjiesklip> watter fantastiese plek is dit nie. Die uitsig en die tipe mense wat daar kamp is so lekker. O ja daar is wind, maar ons het mos noual geleer om die beste van slegte dinge ook te maak. Kampers moet enige vorm van weer kan hanteer. Nerens is ons verseker dat die weer net sonskyn gaan wees nie. Een ding is verseker, ek en my man gaan definitief nie weer in n tent kamp Desember nie. Ons kamp die afgelope 2 jaar in n karavaan, o maar dit is darem lekker. So kan iemand dalk vir my help, ons soek n karavaan te huur vir 3 weke in Des tot begin Jan 2013, asb nie te duur nie?

      • Magda Kotze says:

        Jolene ons bly op Yzerfontein aan die Weskus. Ek vrêk oor Lientjiesklip, familie van ons het ook een van die klein huisies daar tog te mooi. Ons het sopas ‘n karavaan gekoop en gaan volgende week uitry soentoe. Ons hou Des. vakansie op Eersterivier aan die Ooskaap en sal nie die karavaan nodig hë nie.Laat weet
        maar as julle belangstel, Willem së vir R250 ‘n aand.Die karavaan het ‘n heerlike dubbelbed in en dan die driekwart bed van die sitplekke by die tafeltjie daar is ook twee stewige kamp bedjies vir die tent. So laat weet maar vir Willem, 082 453 7817. Ons kan gesels oor die reêlings van hoe waar en wat. Vrolike groete Magda

      • Leonie Erasmus says:

        Gys Van Zyl het 5 karavane wat hy uit verhuur in die Langebaan omgewing. Kontak hom gerus by 082 878 4771 – sy tariewe is baie billik. Ek dink hy neem en kom haal die karavaan tot waar jy wil kamp, maak net seker by homself hoe dit werk.

    • herman huisamen says:

      jy kry mense wat gebore word net om te kla,seker maar in die gene,ons normale mnense hou van kamp,wardeer die dinge wat saak maak

  2. Shamela says:

    Hi there

    I noticed some passionate campers here, i am considering buying a caravan soon. We camped many years ago when the kds were little, but the grandkids are here and would love to have them experience it.

    Any suggestions for well run, with clean ablution facilities would be greatly appreciated. In and aroundthe western cap and boland

  3. Robert says:

    Wish they would just answer the phone.

  4. Rughsaun Adams says:

    We visited the Leentjiesklip caravan Park as 1st time campers and we are coming back for MORE! It is truly a breath-taking view, clean and tidy facilities and the crowd is not roudy, very welcoming atmosphere…
    Hope we still get place for the end of the YEAR.

  5. Elsabe Maans says:

    Our family will be coming to see what Leenkiesklip has to offer, contemplating to camp there in Dec. Heard some great things about the place.Really looking forward to the trip.

  6. Alex says:

    We camped there for the weekend last February and enjoyed it thoroughly. We will definitely be back. Good advice from Blackie above about the wind and time of the year.

    It was quite a busy weekend and a little noisy but not a problem at all. The ablution block near us was well maintained and clean.

  7. Corrie Ireland says:

    Ek wil net noem, dit is een van die beste plekke om te kamp, Maar soos almal hierbo noem. As jy kamp moet jy voorsorg tref vir alle storms. Dit bly nog steeds die beste. Ons moet elke dag “dress en press” as jy kamp is dit by ‘n plek soos hierdie, wat jy net kan ontspan,jy net nodig om die omgewing te bewonder en die vars lug in te asem. So deur al die wind.

  8. P-J Hannabus says:

    We stayed in Leentjiesklip in September last year and enjoyed it thoroughly. Children were kept busy on the play area, on the beach, and collecting shells. I enjoyed the fishing, but caught…nothing! Peaceful, always hot water, great out of season! And a good price! We will be back for another 10 days!

  9. Kimi Davids says:

    Hey everyone, im looking for camp sites that caters for tents and caravans, in addition to activities such as fishing for a weekend trip in Feb 2014.Do you perhaps have other recomendations for me? there will not be any children acompanying us on this weekend trip. thanks in advance for your help.

    great website :-)

  10. esther pienaar says:

    Ons het verlede naweek by Lientjiesklip gekamp en behalwe vir die wind was dit heerlik. Die kinders het hul gate uit geniet saam met al die ander maatjies. Ek het as kind groot geword met Lientjiesklip en in daardie jare was daar soos in niks nie. Ons het as kinders jaarliks saam met die grootmense in langebaan in ‘n groooooot army tent gekamp en was dit heerlik!! Daar was nog nie karavane nie (dink nie so). Ons het van langebaan strandlangs geloop na lientjiesklip en wat ek al die jare kan onthou was hoe seer dit was as die wind so erg gewaai het en die sand so agter teen ons bene gewaai het!! Ek self het nou bespreek vir desember/januarie en sal bly wees as ons ‘n plekkie kan kry. Kamp groete!!

  11. Sonja says:

    Hi, my husband and myself love the West Coast and it’s people. We love the outdoors and would easily trade a luxury hotel holiday for a camping one, Our yearly holidays we camp in our caravan for at least 10 to 14 days, but we are also keen motorcyclist who love touring and short weekend camping with our little tent on the bike, the problem is, bikers are not welcome at most campsites, and yes, we can understand why, some bikers have a bad reputation, and groups can be uncontrolable. We love Leentjiesklip, and would love to take a weekend trip with the bike and camp for 2 knights…..We have a touring bike and are not noisy, we arrive, pitch our tent, and we camp like any other person with their cars, bakkies etc….We note Leentjiesklip, like most of the other camps do not allow bikes….will they consider allowing us, or is there no chance at all, if this is the case, does anyone know where we, as behaving, responsible bikers, will be welcome…..your responses will be apppreciated…

  12. Vicky Watson says:

    We go to Leentjies whenever we can! we love it!!! the showers are absolutely amazing and the grounds are clean and well looked after. We are going on Friday to the following Saturday and cannot wait!!! Leentjies is always 1st on our list!!!!!!!!!!! I know my kids are safe and don’t have to worry that much. The beach walks are fantastic and the shops not too far off!!!!! Well done on keeping this jewel in the camping fraternity so well maintained!!!!!!!!!! Keep on camping!

  13. Christian says:

    Have toured during the cause of last week for 5 days and 4 nights and having stayed at 3 municipal caravan parks. Leentjiesklip can definitely give the other 2 a pointer or 3 on how a municipal caravan park should be. The facilites offered and the ablutions were by far and I really mean by far, better than the other 2.

    Thank you Leentjiesklip, we had a most wonderful stay and plan to return in the near future

  14. caroline says:

    I always have a great time at Leentjesklip I go every year for a few days does anyone have a caravan to hire from jan 2014

  15. Ekke says:

    I do not have a caravan, but i do have a tent, will i be “blown away” by the beauty or by the wind?

    Going for the Easter weekend, taking my kiddos along, en ek hoop om n geweldige lekker tyd te he.

  16. trudie botes says:

    Ek wil graag Oktober maand na Leentjiesklip toe gaan sal wil weet hoe is die weer dan.


    • jayneholness says:

      Okober maand kan maar lekker wees, Trudie, maar dit is ook die seison wanneer die wind weer begin waai. Die wind waai baie op die Weskus en ‘n mens kan dalk nie van dit wegkom nie. Leentjiesklip is egter in a beskutte plek, so die kampplek is meestens beskerm teen die wind. Dit kry ook lekker warm in Oktober – warm genog om lekker in die Langebaan lagoon te swem!

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