A Cadac gas lamp saves the day



We are officially retiring (and banishing from our camping equipment forever) this useless and ridiculous lamp: the Leisure Quip name-you-don’t-need-to-remember contraption. We have reviewed this lamp before and have certainly not changed our minds, we simply needed an alternative.

Our last good lamp, bought in the US, was sadly left hanging in a giant tree high up in the Western Usambaras Mountains in Tanzania. The Leisure Quip was a reactive a quick replacement before our next planned camping trip. However, this time, while preparing for a camping holiday across Namibia, we simply refused to tolerate the uselessness of the Leisure Quip any longer and opted instead for a gas lamp from Cadac.



Our lives have changed. Despite the gas lamp’s obvious disdain for even a slight breeze, at least I can see when I am cooking and our campsite is illuminated fully when we require it to be. For inside tent lighting, we have no reason to change from our trusted Energiser headlamps.



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