A new tent!


Originally published: 27 October 2011

So, I’m getting a new tent. This is very exciting. Admittedly, to some, the idea of a new tent is about as exciting as a loaf of bread, but to me, it is comparable to a mini new home.

My existing 4-person tent has served me well. It is ten years old. I am surprised that it has lasted so long. Not because it’s a standard, nothing-special tent that was bought for like 400 bucks on a Christmas special, but because it endured an initiation that included a friend’s drunken vomit, many new years’ downpours and some pretty miserable winds. While it may have had a tendency to get flattened in the these winds (e.g. the foul December gales in Bainskloof), it’s not like any others in the campsite stood upright either- cheap or flashy, and it NEVER leaked. The only real issue it had until now was a broken hook on what I confidently refer to as the ‘rain roof.’ But, alas, the front door zip has finally given in and as much as a breezy tent can be great for lazy afternoon naps next to a river in summer, it poses a problem in winter and it also has the added disadvantage of giving creatures a VIP ticket to my feet.

Onwards and upwards!

The old faithful!
The old faithful!
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