Never buy this light


leisure-quip-lanternWe had a wonderful camping light, which we sadly left in the Usambaras Mountains in north-eastern Tanzania. In a save-money frenzy, we replaced it with this useless contraption that we do not advise anyone buy. Ever.

The below image demonstrates how compromised this lantern is at providing light to a a general area. Either the light points upwards, which serves no purpose other than to help spot nesting birds in the tree branches above, or one must hold the lantern upside down in the hope of getting some use out of it. The problem though is that there is no hook on the bottom of the light (instead it is at the tip of the cone on top; you’d have to add one on the underside yourself like we did) and the lantern’s useless shape makes it unable to stand upside down on its own. This renders this lantern useless and we can confirm that it will be the worst R129 (January 2016) you will ever spend on camping lighting.  Spend more money on something that has some practical design consideration




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