Tentsile Tree Tents


We recently got invited to a demo by Tentsile tree tents and were quite surprised by what we discovered.

Tentsile Tree Tents (2)To put it into perspective, Tentsile is a brand born of a passion for nature. The tents were originally designed to highlight the value of trees in a world increasingly hungry to destroy them. This ultimately marked the start of a successful outdoor brand that combines the romantic concept of hammocks with the reliability and comfort of conventional tents.

While an obvious choice for serious adventurers seeking durable and portable accommodation off the ground, the tents are equally suited to campers who are looking for a novel alternative to ground or rooftop tents.

We have yet to put one to the test, but have our industrial design team on standby for when we do and will provide you with full feedback.


Tentsile Tree Tents (1)

Tentsile Tree Tents (4)

Tentsile Tree Tents (3)

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