Tragedy struck Nkandla


Tragedy struck on a trip to Baviaanskloof with our near-brand new Tentco Senior Safari Bow Tent. The notorious baboons ripped a hole in it to try find food and found nothing. Just a bag, which they ripped open only to discover my toiletries.

We were devastated. ‘Nkandla’ wasn’t even one month old and we had to contemplate the gaping hole in the floor part of our camping pride and joy. Our lifetime investment. Damaged on its maiden voyage.

I admittedly got angry. Not with the tent. Not with the baboons. But with all those people who blatantly ignore the what-you-take-in-you-take-out rule. Those people who leave their bags of holiday trash for someone else to deal with and as tempting bait for the baboons. The family who camped in our campsite before us are among those people. Within seconds of their leaving, their abandoned rubbish bags were ripped open and all rubbish was strewn across the otherwise pristine and magnificent landscape. We spent the first few hours of our arrival cleaning up their holiday’s worth of mess. And because of people like them, the baboons keep coming back and have gotten to a point where they are aggressive and simply out of control.

Thank you inconsiderate people for destroying our investment.

Genuinely though, thank you to Christy Outdoor in Cape Town for attempting a repair (we had a honeymoon planned and did not have enough time to send it to Tentco in Johannesburg and get it back in time).


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